Three Signs That Indicate Your Child Needs To See An Audiologist

Posted on: 3 March 2021

If your child has trouble hearing, it can be tough to diagnose because they are not always very good at explaining their symptoms. Sometimes they may not even realise something is wrong and just assume everyone suffers from the same problems as them, while other times they recognise the issue but don't like feeling different and so keep it to themselves. Fortunately, audiologists can provide great help to children and people of all ages. The first step is just making a trip to visit one. Here are some signs that your children display which indicate the need to go see an audiologist.

Common Ear Infection

While ear infections can happen for any number of reasons, repeated ear infections point to underlying issues that are more severe. If your child has ear infections more than just a couple of times within a year then you should consider taking them in for a check-up with an audiologist. It is also quite likely that your primary contact doctor, usually a general practitioner, will advise you to see an audiologist in this case. It could just be something to do with a particular hygienic habit, but if it is more serious then it is better to find out sooner rather than later.

Poor Balance

Interestingly enough, a person's balance has just as much, if not more, to do with their hearing as their eyesight. To be more precise, it has to do with the vestibular system which is part of the anatomy of the ear. If you notice that your younger child has issues with walking and staying upright then you might want to get them checked out by an audiologist. There are corrective surgeries that can be done to help with this in the long-term, as well as practical solutions they can suggest to help you in the meantime.

Comments From Teachers Or Childcare Workers

Often a child will respond quite quickly to parents or family because they are around them more often. However, when you place your child in childcare or even at school, they will be exposed to a much busier environment which will make their hearing issues become more apparent. Childcare workers and teachers are very adept at noticing when children have any sort of difficulty with learning, including hearing issues. If you get a comment or two about your child's hearing then perhaps it would be best to get an expert opinion. Contact an audiologist for more information.