• Understanding Women's Health: A Vital Step Towards Wellbeing

    Women's health involves more than just the physical aspect. It encompasses mental, emotional, and social wellbeing too. Understanding and prioritising these elements can lead to an improved quality of life. Physical Health: More Than Meets the Eye When it comes to physical health, regular check-ups are a must. These can help detect potential issues early, leading to more effective treatment. Regular exercise is also crucial. It's not about achieving a certain look, but about maintaining a healthy body that can support you in your daily activities. [Read More]

  • Women's Health: Bladder Prolapse Explained

    Women who've had children and older women are at an increased risk of developing bladder prolapse than their childless peers. This urological condition can develop when the ligaments around your reproductive organs and the muscles of your pelvic floor weaken. This can reduce the support around your bladder and cause it to drop down out of its regular position. Depending on the severity of the prolapse, the bladder may take up some space in the vaginal cavity, or it may protrude outside of the vagina. [Read More]