• Three Signs That Indicate Your Child Needs To See An Audiologist

    If your child has trouble hearing, it can be tough to diagnose because they are not always very good at explaining their symptoms. Sometimes they may not even realise something is wrong and just assume everyone suffers from the same problems as them, while other times they recognise the issue but don't like feeling different and so keep it to themselves. Fortunately, audiologists can provide great help to children and people of all ages. [Read More]

  • Two Actions a Diabetic Should Take After Having a Toe Amputated

    If, as a result of being diabetic and struggling with high blood glucose for a long time, you have developed complications and have had to have a toe amputated, here are two actions you should try to take. Get counselling In this situation, you should set up a counselling appointment via a health clinic. Firstly, whilst due to its small size and location, losing a toe might seem like one of the least traumatising forms of amputation. [Read More]