What Features Should You Consider While Selecting Hearing Aids?

Posted on: 14 July 2020

If you have tried searching for hearing aids on the market today, you might have noticed that these essential gadgets come in different forms. Usually, they have a number of features, some of which are standard and can be found in all or most models, while others are optional extras. For this reason, it is essential to stay informed whenever you are selecting your new hearing aids to get value for your investment. Experts recommend that you start by considering the features you like, and you can also consult with an audiologist to know some of the best options in the market. This post will share some essential elements you should consider as you choose hearing aids. 

Digital feedback/noise reduction

This is a standard feature that's responsible for offering a crisp, natural listening experience. The old hearing aids used analogue technology to amplify nearby sounds, and this wasn't effective. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now get hearing aids with microphones that convert incoming sounds digitally before delivering them into your ear. When the sounds are converted into a digital signal, all the background noise from speech and the environment is filtered so users can enjoy rich sounds and avoid communication problems.

Bluetooth and Telecoil

Most electrical devices today, like computers, tablets, speakers, smartphones, televisions, and so on come with a Bluetooth feature. This gives users a more convenient and hands-free experience when they want to tune into something. Hearing aids also come with the built-in Bluetooth technology feature that makes it easier to connect it to the devices mentioned above. This means that you can use your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids to watch television, listen to your favourite music, talk on the phone, and stream information directly to your ear.

Whenever you are on the go, you can also rely on the convenience of the Telecoil feature. This feature enables you to link to hearing loops installed in areas like sporting arenas, theatres, stores, banks, concert halls, places of worship, and so on. Telecoil can also be used when you are talking to someone on the phone.

Tinnitus masking

People who have hearing loss and tinnitus should consider getting hearing devices that have a tinnitus suppression feature. The feature is designed to play sounds into the ears to suppress or disguise any tinnitus sounds one overhears. This is an ideal way to handle tinnitus all day long and can also act as a tinnitus therapy program.