6 Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Posted on: 27 February 2020

While some hearing aid users rely on disposable batteries, others enjoy the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids. Here are several reasons why rechargeable hearing aids are the best option.

1. Lower Long-Term Costs

When considering the cost of a hearing aid, it is important to factor in the amount you will need to spend on batteries to power it. Rechargeable hearing aids sometimes cost more to purchase, but they offer long-term savings as there is no need to keep buying disposable batteries for them.

2. Less Hassle

Users of rechargeable hearing aids do not have to go to a shop to buy new batteries or remember to place online orders for them. They also do not have to remove the small, fiddly, dead batteries from the hearing aid and replace them with new ones, which is a big benefit for older people who lack fine motor skills. Many older people find rechargeable hearing aids much easier to use as the battery is built into the device.

3. Eco-Friendly

Disposable batteries are terrible for the environment. They use scarce resources and can also cause environmental pollution if you do not dispose of them responsibly. On the other hand, a rechargeable battery can provide many years of use, resulting in less waste and a lower drain on the Earth's limited resources.

4. More Reliable in Cold Weather

Disposable batteries are usually zinc-air batteries, which do not function well in cold conditions. Stepping outside in winter could cause your hearing aids to suddenly run out of power, leaving you struggling to hear clearly. Rechargeable hearing aids use lithium-ion batteries, which perform well even when the temperature is below freezing.

5. More Comfortable Designs

Hearing aids that use disposable batteries must have a shape that accommodates the standard round batteries that they use. In contrast, designers can create hearing aids that have built-in rechargeable batteries in any shape. When you choose rechargeable hearing aids, you can choose from a variety of ergonomic designs that prioritise user comfort.

6. Never Run Out of Charge

Most people are used to relying on devices that need daily charging, such as mobile phones and tablets. Once you establish a charging routine for your rechargeable hearing aids — such as charging them overnight — you can be sure that their batteries will last the whole day. In contrast, disposable batteries often run out of charge at unpredictable times, leaving you struggling to hear.