Top Three Things Your Podiatrist Wishes You Knew

Posted on: 21 February 2020

Most people today know the significance of getting regular dental check-ups and eye examinations but often forget about their feet. Your feet are an essential part of your body and must be taken care of too. After all, you require them to move from one place to another, so if they are painful or unhealthy, walking will be a challenge. The best way to ensure your feet don't disrupt your life is to see a podiatrist regularly. The expert will examine them and offer the necessary treatment for any pains or conditions. You also need to incorporate certain things into your daily routine to keep your feet in excellent shape. Here are some things podiatrists recommend.

Examine your feet daily

Do you take an interest in your feet, especially when you experience discomfort or pain? Many people tend to ignore common feet problems, thinking that it's not a cause for alarm. This is a bad habit that could cost you a lot in the future. Podiatrists recommend that you examine your feet every day, especially when cleaning them. You should also dry them thoroughly before wearing socks or shoes.

If you realise that your ankle is sprained or the foot is generally painful, do not ignore the issue or wait for some days before seeing a foot doctor. Instead, seek medical treatment so you don't put your leg in danger. A podiatrist can examine the issue and offer customised treatment.

Lubricate your feet regularly

While most people already know how essential it is to wash their feet, very few take the time to lubricate their feet. Foot experts recommend that you apply lotion on your feet regularly to ensure the skin doesn't break and that cracks don't develop on your feet. The best time to do this is in the evening so your feet can get the chance to absorb moisture throughout the night. This way, your skin will be soft and strong enough to ward off infections.

Wear the shoes you often use when visiting a podiatrist

Your footwear plays a significant role when it comes to maintaining the general health of your feet. For this reason, you should always wear the shoes you use the most when visiting a podiatrist. This will give them the chance to examine the shoes. For instance, your podiatrist will assess the shoes' wear and tear and will check for sections that rub the skin and cause irritation. The information they get will be used to customise your treatment and protect your feet.